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Electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair or small blemishes by the application of heat using an electric current effectively destroying hair cells and preventing regrowth.


It now boasts the best and longest track record for the only form of permanent hair removal by the British Medical Association

Most areas of unwanted hair can be treated successfully with electrolysis. The most commonly treated areas are the face including eyebrows, underarms, across the chest and breast as well as bikini line and legs.


Electrolysis successfully treats all these areas and more with the exception of inside the nose and inside the ears.  Our Electrologist will be able to establish a treatment plan to meet all your needs.

The amount of time will vary with each client. Many factors will determine how many treatments you will need, e.g. cycle of hair, medical conditions.


It is safe to say that an area will need to be treated a few times in order to PERMANENTLY remove all the unwanted hairs. Electrolysis treatments are charged in time increments. The size and density of the area to be treated will determine the cost.

Electrolysis has been performed safely for over 125 years. Flawless Electrolysis is fully licenced and registered with the Leicester City Council to meet all your health and safety requirements.


A new sterile disposable needle is used on each client disposing of it in a puncture proof container after one use. Forceps are sterilized before and after each use to prevent any cross contamination. Disposable gloves are worn by our Electrologist.


Your Electrologist will review your health history, medications currently prescribed and concerns during the consultation.

The Electrologist gently slides a fine disposable and sterilized probe approximately the diameter of the hair into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the unwanted hair. Once the probe is in place at the target area of the hair follicle, a current is released.


A minute pulse of electrical energy, is released through the probe destroying the growth cells and preventing that follicle from producing another hair resulting in the permanent removal of the unwanted hair.

Anyone wishing to remove any unwanted hair permanently is perfectly suited for this amazing treatment. 

Electrolysis is effective on all skin types and hair colours including greys. There are no age restrictions or limits for those wishing to have electrolysis. 


In addition to their FREE consultation clients have the opportunity to take advantage of our bespoke FREE photo diary service to track their progress from start to finish

We use a state of the art Apilus 3G machine made by the leading creators in electrolysis machines worldwide. The advanced technology in our machinery has a unique inbuilt Flash Thermolysis modality, which enables faster and more precise treatment of each hair allowing us to treat more hairs in a session giving our clients the best value for their money.


This is in addition to the more traditional modalities of Thermolsis, Blend and Galvanic. With the use of any one or a combination of these methods we remove any unwanted hair permanently by destroying the cells responsible for creating the hair at the base of the follicle leaving you with smooth permanently hair free skin.

Free Consultation


NHS staff health discounts 10%


Recommend a friend - 10% off next treatment 


Doctors letter for PCOS clients - 10% off treatments

15 minutes - £20

30 minutes - £35

45 minutes - £50

1 hour - £60

All new clients benefit from a no obligation, 15 minute consultation with an electrologist absolutely free.


At the end of the consultation you will receive a bespoke treatment plan with an approximate time plan and potential costing to achieve your desire outcome.


If you have a question or wish to discuss any areas of concern click the link below and send us a message today 

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