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Flawless Electrolysis is located in the heart of Leicester City Centre, inside the award winning KH Hair salon, a short walk from Leicester Railways, Coach and Bus stations

Our qualifications include the following:

Coaching with NLP, TA & Mindfulness,

Había Epilation,

theguild (Dipl.) Anatomy & Physiology

BIAE Diathermy, Galvanism & Blend Electrolysis, Membership No. 500

At Flawless Electrolysis you can expect a high standard of health and safety amidst a calm environment as well as polite and professional staff at all times and exceptional customer service.

Our Treatments

Body hair

Electrolysis provides the permanent solution to hair removal


Saving you time every day removing the hair and being conscious of any visible stubble 


Leaving you with smooth body areas from top to toe.


We undertaken full female body work, leaving our clients free to enjoy their lives and holidays hair free all year round.

Ingrown hair

These pesky hairs can be unsightly, inflamed and extremely irritating


They often produce red bumps and pimples causing itchiness and uncomfortable leaving scars on the skin.


Electrolysis can lift out any ingrown hairs by delivering a heat current to the follicle creating a chemical reaction allowing the hair to be set free from the walls of the follicle

Facial hair

Unwanted facial hair affects women of all ages and background, whether it be the upper lip, chin, eyebrows or even the peach fuzz that covers the whole face.


Electrolysis effectively destroys the hair from the root permanently, eliminating that 5 o clock shadow caused by shaving, plucking, waxing and other temporary hair removal methods.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Hirsutism often referred to as the bearded lady effect, is the most visible symptom of PCOS and can leave those suffering from it with little or no self confidence.


The inability to conceal the beard with daily shaving/plucking and make up leaves women feeling embarrassed often unable to socialise for fear of it being noticed by others.


Electrolysis can remove this hair alongside body hair permanently and restore your confidence

Menopausal hair growth

Increased levels of testosterone create new hair to grow during the menopause


These are especially visible around the chin and can be coarse and results in most women plucking.


New hair growth is one of the major issues for women in menopause. Electrolysis can destroy these hormonal menopausal hairs permanently including greys

Call or email us today for a permanent solution to remove your unwanted hair

Flawless Electrolysis


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