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What is Electrolysis?

In 1875 Dr. Charles Michel, an ophthalmologist, devised this system to remove his patients’ painful ingrown eyelashes. Electrolysis effectively destroys the hair growth cells, preventing regrowth. 


Electrolysis proved to be a breakthrough discovery. It now boasts the best and longest track record for the only form of permanent hair removal by the British Medical Association

Advantages of Electrolysis

Electrolysis is completely SAFE and suitable to treat all skin types, hair colours, any areas on the face and body effectively e.g. a person with darker skin or light hair cannot be treated using laser but Electrolysis can do the job.


Using our state of the art Apilus 3G machine with its unique inbuilt Flash Thermolysis modality, we permanently destroy the cell growth at the base of each hair follicle, so the hair is unable to grow back.


Electrolysis is cheaper in the long run because its results are permanent.

Disadvantages of Electrolysis

Electrolysis tackles each and every hair individually therefore the treatment process is slower and will need repeating in order to attack the hairs in their different growth cycle.


Patients describe Electrolysis as painful but in fact all you should feel is a slight 'zap' and a little warmth blended together to give you the best effective result of permanent hair removal.


Immediately following treatment, there may be a slight redness and/or swelling which will usually disappear within a few hours.  Occasionally small whiteheads or tiny dots of scabs may occur but this is rare. 

Who can have Electrolysis done?


Anybody who wants to remove any unwanted hair permanently is perfectly suited for this amazing treatment. It is an especially desirable solution to unwanted hair for those suffering from Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism, hypertrichosis, and those transitioning gender. Electrolysis boasts a client list of celebrity and household names alike.

Electrolysis is effective on all skin types and hair colours including greys. There are no age restrictions or limits for those wishing to have electrolysis. 


Clients have the opportunity to take advantage of our bespoke FREE photo diary service to track their progress from start to finish in addition to the FREE consultation offered at Flawless Electrolysis Leicester.

How Does Electrolysis Work?

The Electrologist gently slides a fine disposable and sterilized probe approximately the diameter of the hair into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the unwanted hair. Once the probe is in place at the target area of the hair follicle, a current is released.


The current, a minute pulse of electrical energy, is released through the probe destroying the growth cells and preventing that follicle from producing another hair resulting in the permanent removal of the unwanted hair.

Which areas can be treated?

Most areas of unwanted hair may be treated successfully with electrolysis. The most commonly treated areas are cheeks, sides, upper lip, chin, neck, eyebrows, underarms, across the chest and breast as well as bikini line and legs.


Electrolysis can be treated on all these areas succesfully and more with the exception of inside the nose and inside the ears.


Please speak to your Electrologist who will be able to establish a treatment plan to meet all your needs.

How many sessions will it take?

The length of appointment and the number of treatments necessary will vary with each client.  Many factors will determine how many treatments you will need, for example, ethnic background, hair texture, density, the area being treated and temporary methods previously used.


It is safe to say that an area will need to be treated a few times in order to PERMANENTLY remove all the unwanted hairs.  Electrolysis treatments are charged in time increments. The size and density of the area to be treated will determine the cost.


Remember that electrolysis is a lifetime investment and is the only method of permanent hair removal approved by the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.


Is Electrolysis safe?

Stringent sterilization and sanitation procedures apply at all times. Flawless Electrolysis is fully licenced and registered with the Leicester City Council to meet all your health and safety requirements.


A new sterile disposable needle  is used on each client disposing of it in a puncture proof container after one use. Forceps are sterilized before and after each use to prevent any cross contamination.  Disposable gloves are worn by our Electrologist.


Electrolysis has been performed safely for over 100 years. Your Electrologist will review your health history, medications currently prescribed and concerns during the consultation.